Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What's On Your Workdesk this Wednesday?

Why am I asking what's on your workdesk?  If you don't know already, hop along to Julia's blog Stamping Ground where she invites bloggers to share what's on their workdesks - and we all like to be nosey don't we!  Well, I do anyway - lol.

Yesterday I received a lovely packet of crafty goodies which I won as blog candy from Cath on her blog Notes from a Divided Island.  Here's a more close up photo.

There are some lovely fibres, lace, game pieces, dictionary pages, word charms, envelopes and even a little acrylic stamp of the map of Cyprus where Cath lives.  I also love the two vintage style tins - one for Christmas and the other for Halloween containing stickers, and not forgetting two lovely glass magic eye (I think that's what they're called) beads.  Thank you again Cath!  I would never have seen Cath's blog if it hadn't been for WOYWW, so thanks go to Julia too!

I received another packet yesterday too containing this lovely post it note holder from Viv - this was for a swap on the Art 'n' Soul Flickr group I belong to.  In the first photo above you can see it open, but here it is closed in all it's majestic glory - isn't it gorgeous!

On the first photo at the top you may be able to see (on the extreme right hand side) a paper with a girl's face on - don't laugh!  This was my first attempt at a journal page which had to incorporate a portrait representing me.  I couldn't finish it as I didn't have the right flesh tone coloured water coloured crayons (does anyone know where to get them in the UK - I tried a few places today without any luck).  The journal page was part of a free 'self healing' art course I've joined called The 'Heart of Art' and if you're interested in joining there's more about it on my earlier post here.

This is turning out to be a post of thanks - 2 more to go -

Thank you Elizabeth (of Bleubeard and Elizabeth fame!) for featuring me on your blog Altered Book Lover.  I've never been featured on anything before so I'm feeling all special now - lol.  Seriously though, thanks!

Finally, thanks to all those of you who last week commented and suggested ways of helping me when I had trouble with uploading my photos onto Blogger.  Although I'm still experiencing the same difficulty, I have now ensured that all my privacy settings are ok on the Picasa site, so that's some peace of mind at least.  I see that Blogger will be doing some maintenance this evening disabling photo uploads for two hours - it will be interesting to see what happens after that!

Sorry this has become a very long post, if you're still here - thanks for visiting and if you leave me a comment, I'll definitely be along to visit you too!  


Terry said...

Oh boy!!! Now that is some fun stuff and I am looking forward to seeing what you create with the goods! BTW, you desk looks too clean! Have a fabulous day!

Carola Bartz said...

I love your journal page!!! I couldn't even draw or paint a face. You did great!

Helen said...

Great goodie bags you got! Love your desk.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OH wow, Sherry. Cath outdid herself. I should not have been looking because I won, too. I'll have to post when I get my prize, too. Looks like Cath was beyond generous. And I see your post it note holder is wonderful. Very clever and so fall like.

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, too. I tried to see the videos, but got as far as the journals, and my computer caved in on me. I'll try more again later, but there is no way I'm going to be able to draw a face. EVER!!

Happy WOYWW and yes, I'm no. 12 this week. I was waiting to post and Julia snuck in about 30 minutes earlier than usual this week. I saw some people had started leaving comments before I even went to her site and linked up. That was a DUH moment for me, as I was trying to stay awake. I was so mad at myself, I stayed up till around 9 am my time, and got most people visited.

Ira said...

Such a great goodie bag, just wonderful!

Tracy Evans said...

Wow how lucky are you receiving such gorgeous items in the post. Great desk space too. Have a lovely evening, Tracy Evans x

Sue said...

Hi ya oh two lots of goodies from the postie, how lovely, luv the post it holder,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (13)

Anne said...

Arrived here via Bluebeard and Elizabeth !!! Love what you are producing -- will be back often to sde what you're up to . Enjoy your new stash
Anne xxx

Paula Gale said...

Hi Sherry - thanks for your earlier visit to my blog... seems you've been a very busy lady and don't apologise for long posts - i never do LOL!!!!

You said you'd never heard about the tv programme i was referring to on my blog was something on SKY TV - something that Ricky Gevais (sp) where him and Steven Merchant (both wrote 'The Office') - they set their friend up and send him all over the world travelling to the 7 wonders of the world... and he really isn't a happy traveller - but it is greatly funny - google "An Idiot Abroad" - its compelling watching in our house! He's very dry and hates travelling - which is what makes it funny.

Anyway - hope you enjoy all your goodies - and well done on the mention on Elizabeths blog.

Paula x x x

Createology said...

I love what is on your workdesk. Wonderful goodies you received. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Today my workdesk is the kitchen table as it is easier to set up the notebook and plug it in here than downstairs on my real desk that is already full. :o)
Happy creating...

Susan Allan said...

The lace looks amazing. I am always happy when there is lace on my desk it is so verstaile, don't you agree?

Have lots of fun
Sue xx 72

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, you've got some wonderful stuff in your mail! how wonderful that you're going through a course and you're trying out new things, like drawing a self portrait! good job! next time we want to see it up close!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow! Some lovely goodies!! Love mail days like these!!! :)
Oh, and from what I can see of your portrait, it looks fab!! I've drawn mine, but have no water colour crayons at the mo. Sherry, did you find out where to get flesh coloured crayons from? Mmmm was wondering if 'The Range' had them?
Enjoy your new crafty goodies!
Jan x

oneoff said...

Your journal portrait looks gorgeous. Congratulations on the blog candy too - I bet you can't wait to get started with it. Bernie #126

JoZart said...

gorgeous goodies, lucky you! The world of blog has so many kind people!
JoZarty x

Piddawinkle said...

wow what a lovely package to receive and your journal page looks very good, cant help you with the flesh tone though, soz,,no 78

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

You certainly have some beautiful items on your desk. I'm a newbie to the WOYWW so please be gentle with me!! Best wishes, Kym (No 42)