Thursday, 10 March 2011

Finished Canvas - My Homage to OWOH!

On yesterday's WOYWW post, I showed a canvas I was working on
 - well here it is in it's finished state.

During the 'One World One Heart' event I visited over 800 blogs and sometimes blogs were very slow to open - I therefore tended to scribble and doodle on a large piece of scrap paper I had on my desk whilst waiting for the sites to load.  I also used to scribble down the number on the list I was up to and various other bits of nonsense.  It occured to me that this sheet of scribble would make a great background for something or other. (I don't know about 'great', but you know what I mean!!)

Here's the scribbled sheet of paper glued onto the canvas with
 Liquitex matte medium!

 I used water soluble crayons to add the first layer of colour.

Once dry, I added some more

I slapped on some white acrylic paint and brayered it into the background

Once I decided to add a fabric heart, I introduced some of the same colours around the edge of the canvas

Once it was all dry I stitched the heart onto the centre of the canvas with three strands of embroidery thread (it was quite tough to do)

I stamped a few random images onto tissue paper and stuck them onto the canvas with more of the Liquitex medium.

There are two buttons on there somewhere!

The blue flower and green stems in the right bottom hand corner is some tissue paper that one of my OWOH gifts came wrapped in - so how appropriate it should go on too!

Unintentionally then, this canvas has become my
homage to the One World One Heart event!


Createology said...

Sherry your canvas is amazing and I love it. Thank you for explaining all that you did as I would never have imagined all the layers and work you put into this piece. Love your original doodle sheet that gave you the inspiration. Fabulous!

Gini said...

You picked a perfect image for your tribute, I love it when you mix in fabric with your wall art.
For some reason I always thing of Tony the Tiger when I see this stamp.
"Tony says they're greeeeeat"
Quite what was great I can't quite remember, was it Frostes breakfast cereal or cornflakes?
Anyway he is definitely saying it about your creation. What a brilliant way to incorporate your OHOW doodle.
I am still in AWE of your 800 blog visits...

Meggymay said...

Fabulous canvas Sherry, loved your doodle page, the result of your layers is stunning. xx

My name is Cindy said...

Knew it would turn out well!! Love your doodle page to start as well, what a great idea to put it in the background. And amazing how many blogs you visited!!

Terry said...

I give you an A+ for fabulous scribbling! Beautiful creation! That was a ton of blogs to visit! Have a fabulous evening!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Sherry, I love, love, love this one! It is really awesome and the scribbles that started it all. Too great!

Nicks said...

That's the most awesome thing I have seen in a while!!!

Sam said...

Stunning canvas Sherry! Love the doodled sheet as background and those bunting stamps (I have them they are so sweet!). Love how you have shown the progression so we can see how all the layers were done x

Ira said...

Very artistic piece of work Sherry! You used some very gorgeous pastel colours, just love that! And your doodle page is soooooo darling! It actually reminds me of my school agendas, they were always full of doodles, remarks and dolls, too! Thanks for this trip down memory lane! Have a great weekend, Ira

oneoff said...

That's gorgeous, Sherry, I love it, and especially that doodled background as inspiration and starting point.


Jane said...

Hi Sherry thanks for your visit to my blog, great to see you there. This "homage" to OWOH is terrific and so unique, what a great memory for you. Congrats also in winning some of the door prizes! I visited some of the blogs but didnt get round all and was too late myself to take part. I have registered my interest with the new event next year, it sounds exciting.
Have a crafty and hopefully sunny weekend,
Jane x

Mrs Moen said...

I love how you are able to make art out of "nothings"; the finished canvas is both beautiful and a keepsake from OWOH. An wow about visiting all 800!

Joanne Huffman said...

What a fun piece! And, I love how you documented its creation.

Deborah said...

Your doodle page is a work of art in its own right, Sherry! But I also love how you have incorporated it into your finished piece.

Daniele said...

love how you incorporate fabric into your designs, adds another dimension

Minxy said...

Oh WOW Sherry, tis absolutely beautiful, very girly and pretty, i like it alot :D

Viv's Visuals said...

This is an awesome piece of work Sherry. x

Sunset97 said...

hi, sherry!

this is yet another one of your amazing pieces of art work...this is very beautiful...

i hope you have a wonderful day!


peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a wonderful project to remember an awesome event!

Renee Stien said...

Sherry, this is awesome from beginning to end - i love all your doodles, would have had a hard time covering them up :)

JUNE said...

I wish I could see more of the scribble, it looks very raw and interesting...but the final outcome is fantastic! Well done you...xx june

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow, your canvas is truly amazing Sherry.
Loving the stamping, and all those doodles!
TFS how you made it :)
Jan x