Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Fantastic 'Aussie' Post Day!

I received two parcels from 'the land of down under' this morning,
one was a matchbox swap and the other a OWOH prize.

I'll start with the matchbox

This beautiful box was made by Lynne from Queensland
where the March theme was 'Birds'.

I love the funky, retro feel to the box.  The bird on the branch
feels like it's made from wood and the little nest is gorgeous.
Even the draw pull is another chunky bird!

Here's what was inside

Lynne had crammed the box full of wonderful goodies.
I love all the different birdy embellishments, the large buttons,
the music ribbon, the green glass butterfly - and everything else too!

I don't think Lynne has a blog but if I discover she has
I'll add a link here.
Many thanks Lynne!!

I was over the moon with my first parcel, but then I opened the second one!
It was from Linda Baldock of NSW who I know does have a blog as I'm one
of her many followers!

I was lucky enough to win one of Linda's One World One Heart Prizes

It's a 6" x 8" altered canvas which Linda calls
'Baby Night Owl'
On her blog post Linda wrote
"Originally I was going to make him as a wearable necklace but decided I wanted to add textures that could be touched and explored."

Well, I've touched and explored all that fantastic detail -
I love his chain mail chest and big beautiful beady eyes!
Fear not Linda, I'll take very good care of the
Baby Night Owl x

As Linda was a little late in sending me her prize
she "added a little sorry gifty to make up for the delay"
I think I would have waited a year for the prize without
the need of an apology yet alone another gift - well another
two gifts to be precise!

Firstly, a beautiful butterfly

It looks to me as if the butterfly is wooden with a UTEE base,
then the over wings have been covered with fusible film.
It really is quite stunning.
I've been scouring Linda's blog and found this which
shows part of the making process.
My photo really doesn't do it justice as the wings
actually lift away from the base, but I was afraid they'd break so
kept them flat. 

The second extra gift Linda enclosed was one of her

Did Linda know art dolls are one of my most favourite things!
I was just a little bit pleased with this gift!!!!!

The kit contains items to make one full sized and
one petite sized doll.

Thank you Linda, you have no idea how pleased I am
(well, if you've read this post, you may have a bit of an inkling!)

As I said, a fantastic post day!


Mrs A. said...

Didn't you do very very well. I saw Lynne's matchbox on the flickr page and loved the bird on the box.
I have got mine from Jennifer too and it is equally stunning.
I luv luv luv the baby night owl.He is sooooo cute and that butterfly is just gorgeous. I think i need to camp on your doorstep if this is the goodies you are receiving.
I bet you have started on the doll kit already. Speaking of dolls I have a doll bag to take myself off and finish. (Sorry for delay due to family illness which has completely thrown my schedule out the door the past 2 months. Dad is now ill and has just come out of hospital. Waiting for test results to see if he needs radiation treatment and skin crafting.)
Hugs Mrs A.

Createology said...

Wow you really got some fabulous treasures. The details are amazing on Baby Owl. I am always amazed at how many goodies will fit into a matchbox. Happy weekend...

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Congratulations! SOme wonderful gifts!

jenny said...

Oh Sherry, it certainly was a fabulous mail day... and a 'birdy' one at that... love the gorgeous matchbox from Lynne and Linda's baby owl canvas is beautiful... along with the sweet extras... lucky you :)))

Jenny x

PetraB said...

So precious treasures. They look wonderful. Congratulations to your fabulous mail day.

Ira said...

Always nice to get happy mail! Enjoy all of your lovely goodies!

Healing Woman said...

No wonder you got excited when you opened your mail! What treasures. The matchbox is quite amazing. Not only is it adorable and unique but I can't figure out how it held all of those little gifts inside! Linda certainly did make amends with the three gifts she sent to you. The butterfly is my favorite but I know you love the doll kit. Congratulations on a fun trip to the mailbox.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Wow, what a lucky ducky you are! I love your gifts!

Minxy said...

OMG how frickin lucky are you, i so wanted to win that owl,I adore linda's work... well done hun, nice to know it went to a deserving home xx

Terry said...

Wonderful collection of mail goodness. I know you will treasure these and I am off to check out the butterfly in process! Happy Sunday

Renee Stien said...

Wow Sherrie, you did score big! Nothing beats a good mail day - good for you :)

Lesley said...

Wowsa you lucky girl. That matchbox is incredible so enjoy and your OWOH prizes are stunning.

Linda B said...

I just now got on here, I'm so glad you liked the extras. The butterfly is made from chipboard, so no wood. I'll do a full step by step when I get back from the retreat I'm teaching at next month.
I look forward to seeing what you do with the doll kit.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wowsa, beautiful mail :)
Can't wait to see what you do with the doll kit!
Jan x

Sunset97 said...

very, very nice stuff, indeed...!!

btw, did you sign up for linda's newest swap?? it looks like a really nice one, but i haven't signed up yet...and i know today is the last day to sign up for it...and i have to say my heart is just not into doing a swap or pretty much anything right now...i was hoping the longer i'd wait, the better i would feel and by the closing day of the swap i would feel like joining....but, i don't...and it would'nt be fair for whoever i got as a partner if i didnt give the best i got...!!so, maybe when the next swap comes around, it will work out...!! :)
if you are in it, i know you will have lots of fun....
i am gonna miss all the fun that i did have with linda's swaps...and i will be checking the posts and wishing that i was apart of it, i

hope you sleep good and have a wonderful day tomorrow!! and i can't remember if i thank you for your last sweet comment...if not, thank you so much!!



Laura said...

Great winnings. Love the matchbox idea and the butterfly is glorious.
Thanks for joining my blog and displaying the blogaversary on your sidebar. Good luck.

Also I think I will copy your moon clock as I like to know what the moon is doing. It is the first time I have seen this!

Laura said...

Also it looks like you enjoy swaps. There will be another Gingersnap swap starting beginning May. Hope you may join in.