Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, Week 94

Another Wednesday, another workdesk!
Well, it's actually the same desk as last week but today it has on it -

A card I've just started, which will become a feminine version
of the masculine one I created using the last technique in the Tim Holtz book 'Compendium of Curiosities'.

Also on the desk is another pair of jeans which when I tried on
this morning had a rather unattractive hole in an un-mentionable place!
They'll be added to my fabric stash I think.

Finally, on the middle of the desk is what I call
my poor man's configuration box!
When I saw this in a charity shop last week for only £2
I really couldn't pass it by could I?

It's new and from Ikea and called a 'Knick Knack Shelf'.
I don't know how much it would have cost from Ikea as they're
usually very reasonable, but some things you just have to buy!

All the parts are fixed so don't move and I haven't decided yet
whether to decorate it and place small decorative items in each hole, or
just to use it as little shelving unit - the Distress Ink pads do fit,
although with a little bit of over-hang.

On my desk last Wednesday was a domino I'd just started to alter,
it looked like this. 

I did prise the wooden stick off so I could position it higher to make a neck, but in doing so, it broke in half - doh!
However, a little more glue and it was almost as good as before!
I've finished the doll, but won't post the finished photos as the swap doesn't close until the end of next month.

I'm useless at holding back photos though, so here's a little peek at the back of the finished doll!

I'll be linking this post up to Julia's blog
where there are well over one hundred other blogs
who'll have done the same!

Happy Snooping x


MaggieC said...

The back of that doll is so tempting. I really want to see the front as well, she looks so cute.

Spyder said...

I remember the doll and thought at the time what a great idea. (I hope she's not flashing!) Love your still wraped up shelving thingies, now that looks like a lot of fun in the making!
Happy WOYWW!!


Twiglet said...

Oh to think that you made that cute little doll from an upcycled domino!!! Clever you - go on turn her round!
If you haven't already, then please pop over to our blog shop and get your name down in the BIG celebration draw.

Good luck

Caroline Hallett said...

What a cute little dolly - loving that - and the poor mans configuration box is awesome and a steal at £2 you definitely couldnt leave it in the shop x Happy WOYWW - Hugs - Caroline xoxo

alexa said...

What a great knick-knack shelf! No. of course, you absolutely had to have it - I would too!

Sue said...

Hi ya luv the shelf box, ya little doll looks great can't wait to see the front veiw,happy WOYWW, sue,x

oneoff said...

The shelf's a great find. And that kimono doll is gorgeous; what a clever idea!


Mrs A. said...

You have made a little Geisha Girl I just know it! Now Sherry don't go giving me ideas. Who ever heard of a monkey wearing glasses. I just happen to have some fuse wire on my desk too. No!! Stop it.
Hugs Mrs A.

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo there is some exciting things going on on your desk. Love the Little Geisha - Fab. Kim

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Oooooo...Sherry...she looks great from the back. I am certain she will be stupendous from the front!

Createology said...

Your little asian doll is just precious...from the back at least.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

LOL! even from the back the little domino doll is already very cute. and the shelf is great. either way, it's worth the bargain!

Gini said...

Oh your cute little Geisha!
You couldn't leave that box in the shop - I hope you are planning to make something for every little window, that would be great wouldn't it?????

Ira said...

Wow, what an eye catcher, that little geisha! Hope we get to see her face one day ;-)

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

just love that little doll - will have to come back to see her front!
rebecca (32) X

The Crafty Elf said...

What a great knick knack shelf! Can't wait to see the front of your doll. The suspense of it all!

Carolyn Phillips said...

The domino doll is cute. Will be interested to see what you do with your 'poor man's configuration box' as I've been wondering for a while what I could use that would be cheaper. I have a tiny fixed space one, that I think was designed for thimbles but not got around to doing anything with it yet.

JoZart said...

Great about the compartment box find... might pay yet another trip to IKEA soon! Mind you I've still got an old print tray half finished so maybe I'll wait!!
Great little domino, geisha, washi doll!
JoZarty x

Minxy said...

Loving the poor mans configuration box, think i'd be undecided too as does look like it would make a great stash shelf lol..Love the domino doll, tis very cool indeed x

okienurse said...

Very busy and creative desk this week. I love the poor mans configuration box and I am looking forward to seeing the Geisha's face! Sorry I am late getting around but had a lot of doctors appointments and life issues this week! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162

Lesley said...

Hi Sherry, ok I need to see the front of this doll after the swap is done. I trade dominoes with someone regularly and this looks so cute.
Your work is incredible.