Monday, 28 July 2008

Beeswax Collage

This week's theme on Maggies Mondays Musings (MAMMA) is 'The Sixties' - well I am of course far too young to remember them (LOL!!!)but I was a sixties baby and this is always a fun subject. Having said that the ATC I've made for the swap is a bit on the serious side - not the subject but the look of it! I've called it '60s Grunge Fashions' and it is a beeswax collage. The background is an old tissue dressmaking pattern and the pattern is a printed image of one from 'Woman's Realm' of the 1960s. I've melted some coloured wax around the edges in colours to pick up the colours in the dress pattern, but overall it has a rather grungy look - hence the title. I've added some ribbon and buttons in complimentary colours to finish it off. Everything is stuck down with melted beeswax. I can't wait to see what everyone else does and whose ATC I will be drawn with.

Further information on the technique is in my earlier posting on Wed 9 July called 'Beeswax'.


Artyfax said...

Hi Sherry, I have commented on this in the challenge group on Flickr. It is a great atc and beeswax seems a great new (for me???) technique I will have to add to a long list of things to try.

Jan said...

I love the beeswax effect. Really must get down to giving it a try. Great card.

WendyK said...

I know what you mean Sherry, I don't remember the 60's either. I also tell fibs.
Great ATC, love old sewing patterns, wish I hadn't thrown all mine away, I could have sold them to you.!!!!!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Aah Wendy you know whatthey say, if you remember the 60s you weren't really there.

Great ATC Sherry, loving this beeswax look. Have had a play with the waxes in my encaustic but will get some other stuff when I get back from hols.

Maureen said...

Think I made that dress Sherry!!! - lovely atc by the way.