Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Bygone Age

Hunting around a charity shop recently I found a beautiful tatty book of the
‘Old Curiosity Shop’ by Charles Dickens. It must be very old as the pages show real age around the edges and it doesn’t even have a publishing date in the front. Tucked inside was an old postcard (blank on the back) showing a picture of the Old Curiosity Shop. I used to work near to the actual shop in Holborn, London, so this brought back some happy memories for me.

I’ve been wanting to have a go at altering a book, ever since I saw a webisode called ‘Altered Baby Book’ on TV Weekly. However, the book I bought was too badly damaged at the spine to do this with, so instead I’ve been ripping and tearing the pages to incorporate in various projects. I feel a bit bad about defacing the book but ease my conscience when I think that at least it’s being lovingly crafted with and not just languishing at the back of a shelf in a shop somewhere.


Agnes the Red said...

Oh wow what a find....I'm no good at altered problem with old books is that I start getting sentimental and can't bring myself to alter them. I've seen that webisode too....looking forward to seeing your spin on it.
Ange xxx

Jan said...

Wow, exactly! Wonderful find! To have a postcard inside as well is a double bonus!