Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 15

Matchbox number 15 was made by Jill from
and is very prettily decorated with patterned paper, cute trimming and felt flowers.

(For some reason I'm unable to upload my photograph of the closed matchbox, but you can see most of it in the next photo)

Here's what's inside

It's a large paperclip decorated with a fabric covered button.  I've never seen one altered like this before, but I like it!

Perfect for keeping all those papers together to 'file under misc.'!

Thank you Jill.

I should add that the Countdown to Christmas swap is hosted by Linda over on her blog
where you'll find all the details if you're interested.

Wonder what matchbox number 16 looks like?
Come back tomorrow to find out
 (hopefully I'll be able to upload it)!

Thanks for looking.


Sophia said...

What an adorable box. And I love the paperclip included. :)

gayle said...

These really are gorgeous :) what a lovely swap this is!

Terry said...

Thanks for sharing another fun and adorable matchbox! What a collection everyone will have!!

Ira said...

Isn't that such a great swap! Love the big paperclip. Ira x

Mrs A. said...

I have a large paper clip too for my box no.15 from Lauri Crowe and would you beleive it she has my 'Mr Duck'!!!!!!!!!!!!