Monday, 20 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 20

'It's the final countdown' .... who remembers that song by the group Europe!  I shall now have it running around my head for ages!

It is though, day 20 - it's getting very close.  I finally finished wrapping all my presents today - I always feel I haven't bought enough, still there's a few more shopping days left (snow permitting!)

Anyway, back to today's matchbox in the Countdown to Christmas swap. 

Box number 20 was made by my blogging buddy, the very talented Mrs A of

It's a very cheery box featuring our favourite reindeer - Rudolph!
Mrs A made all her gifts inside each matchbox to correspond with the fronts of her boxes - so inside this one, was of course Rudolph himself in the form of a little brooch (pin).  Look at his shiny red nose! 

He's so cute and I'll definitely be wearing him on Christmas Day!

Thanks Mrs A, I love him!

Come back tomorrow to see matchbox number 21!


Linda said...

Ohhh I feel like I'm cheating! It's still Sunday here in St Louis! How adorable is this reindeer?? Love it!

Mrs A. said...

Glad you like him Sherry.
Sitting here with a rug wrapped round my legs and fingerless mittens with the heating on and I'm still cold. supposed to be going down to -9 tonight and only crawling back up to -6 at 9am.
I'm coming back as a penquin next time.!!!

Ira said...

This is definitely one of my faves! So cute!! Ira x

PetraB said...

Oh, such a cutie ...

Sam said...

Definately one of my favs! Love the reindeer brooch. Such a wonderful project, will it happen again next year?

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

That is so cute and creative ! Love seeing all the different boxes and goodies inside.

Terry said...

I just love visiting you! This is so darn cute!!! Love these! Have a great day!