Thursday, 9 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 9

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!  Here' a very jolly looking Santa!  This is matchbox number 9 of 25 I received as part of the 'Countdown to Christmas' swap hosted by Linda on her blog A Swap For All Seasons.

This one was made by my lovely blogging buddy Mrs A, who by co-incidence featured on my blog yesterday - just look what she sent me here.

Back to today's matchbox - Mrs A themed all of her matchboxes - so on mine, there's a Santa on the front (which looks like part of a bauble decoration), and more Santas inside!

A pair of festive earrings featuring not only Santa, but a Christmas tree too!  These are looking favourite for Christmas day now - but maybe I'll have to change my earrings every few hours to make sure they are all worn on the big day as I've received a few pairs in this swap already!

Thank you Mrs A for another gorgeous box!

I don't know if you spotted this or not, but you can see my reflection in the Santa bauble in the first photograph - I realised this would happen so stepped to one side, but I can still be seen - doh!!!!  I would have dressed up nice if I'd known (lol), but as it is, I look a complete mess having spent the morning cleaning the house and have just taken a hurried break to make sure I got the matchbox on my blog today!  At least you can't see my face - phew!!!

Hope you'll come back tomorrow to see box 10, thanks for looking.


Terry said...

I don't know if my first comment went through, but again I love these! The earrings would make a perfect little gift to place inside the matchbook boxes.

Mrs A. said...

I think I tilted the box back ever so slightly or else took the photo through bottom of a wine glass!!!
Probably the latter. Have fun for the rest of the day. Dolly is made. I spray tanned her last night and hung her up in the airing cupboard. Dry as a bone this morning. Just needs a dress and some bloomers! (Darn cold here today in fact its freezing) Think I will go sit in the airing cupboard.

Linda said...

These Santas are very festive...the earrings are so cute!