Friday, 17 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 17

I am sixteen going on seventeen .... well not really, not for a long time in fact, but the number 17 matchbox reminded me of that song from The Sound of Music - and the film usually makes an appearance over Christmas on the TV - no complaints from me though as it's one of my all time favourites!

Anyway, back to today's box - isn't it lovely!
This one was made by Angela of
I love the pretty papers she's used and the trimmings, it really does have darling details!

Here's the inside

The gift is a lovely little tree decoration which appears to be made from part of an actual wreath.  The button topper is much more sparkly than it looks in the photo.

Thank you Angela, another little treasure for my collection!

If you don't know yet what this countdown is all about,
 go and have a look at Linda's blog
where all will be explained!

Hope to see you again tomorrow to share what matchbox number 18 has in store.

Thanks for looking! 


PetraB said...

This is really sweet, the colours of the box so lovely.

Angela said...

Hi Sherry! Glad you liked the box and it was a lil Chritmas tree made with teeny wire garland (my first attempt at making one) inside. I made a star with it, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a merry merry Christmas!

Christine Edwards said...

Cute box, cute tree! I had to go back through all of your older posts to see all of the wonderful boxes you've received. I really like how you have them laid out on the cookie sheet...may have to do that next year. ;-) Hope you're having a lovely holiday.

Sam said...

So many wonderful boxes! Love the tree ornament in this one. Scrolled through to see the days ive missed...the house matchbox is sooo cute and I love your day 4 tag, the gem is gorgeus and purple is my fav colour!

Mrs A. said...

Goodie goodie!! I have a box from Angela too so I know i'm in for a treat as well.
Have a crafty (erm) snow free weekend.

Healing Woman said...

Another amazing box! Love these.

Lyneen said...

It is so much fun looking at all the wonderful boxes!