Saturday, 4 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 4 (and my entire display)

I'm counting down to Christmas with the 25 matcboxes I received from this swap organised by Linda on her blog A Swap For All Seasons.

Matchbox number 4 pictured above was made by JoAnne from Vintage Dragonfly.  The focal point of the box is a beautiful fabric rosette topped off with a fabric poinsettia flower.

Inside, JoAnne has altered a tiny scrabble tile with a vintage Christmas image.

She provided a bale and ribbon so I can decide whether to make the tile into a piece of jewellery or a mini ornament - how thoughtful.  I haven't decided yet, but either way it'll be fabulous.

Many thanks JoAnne your matchbox and gift are both stunning!

A few posts ago I mentioned the goody bag Linda sent with the return matchboxes.  One of the contents was a pair of cute green felt mittens.  They were just crying out for some stitching and embellishment, so here's what I did with them (I know the stitching is a bit rough, but that's the way I intended it to be ...!!!)

I attached a little magnet to the back of the button so they can stick on to the baking tray (cookie sheet) I altered for my entire display.

Onto the bottom right hand corner of the tray I glued on some paper poisettia flowers I made a while back with a paper punch.

Here's the whole thing - all 25 matchboxes on the tray (which I altered with Christmas napkins and Stickles glitter).  I attached a small strip of magnet to the back of each of them so they can easily be removed and put back.

I think it looks fab! 

Can you spot your matchbox on there?

I wish I knew who received mine - so far I only know who received matchbox number one!

Linda does have links to all 70 participants on the sidebar of her blog so I may have to start searching on there!

Come back tomorrow to see what's inside matchbox number five!


Terry said...

Such a wonderful supply of eye candy! Just beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunset97 said...

hey, sherry!

i love your post! i also have one of these matchboxes from joanne! they are sooo cute and i love what's inside too! ;)
i really love what you did with the is a lovely display!!

i know i have run across several of your creations but can't think of exactly where at the moment...coz i remember thinking they were fantastic...!!

have a fabby day!!


JoAnne said...

Hi Sherry,
I'm so happy you like your matchbox and scrabble tile. I LOVE your display! I'm also happy to tell you that I have one of your beautiful boxes day on day 7. I'll let you know once I've posted.
And fabulous job on the Tim tag!!!!!

Mrs A. said...

Sherry you put me to shame(mine is still in the design stage in my head) Your display tray is gorgeous and I love what you have done with the mittens and putting magnets on. Never thought of that!
Lucky you getting one of Joannes creations.

Lynn Stevens said...

It came out Wonderful Sherry! how fun!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Your stunning altered tray is a fab way to display all the matchboxes Sherry!
Love what you did with the mittens.
Nope, cant see any of my matchboxes there, hoping to get one of yours in my batch!! (altho I'm getting a little worried as they still haven't arrived yet :( )
Jan x

Meggymay said...

Wow, what a fantastic way to display your matchboxes. Love how you did the tray.

Jenxo said...

what a wonderful display Sherry it looks so festive.
love your matchbox too......

WendyK said...

What a great idea, and it looks fantastic

Peace said...

Gorgeous display! Yummy glittery!:o)

Linda said...

Holy Smokes! Sherry, this is brilliant! I love love love it! (I think mine is #7!)

PetraB said...

The tray is an absolute treasure, it looks stunning.

Sherry said...

I love your idea of displaying the matchboxes! Very clever!

Have a wonderful day!

Lyneen said...

I don't see mine here.... Not sure where mine have gone either... I try and post on the senders blog the day of my post... What a great display!

Gini said...

Who would have thought that so much variety could possibly fit on such a small space, they all look fabulous together and they are all quite different from each other! I do like the little house with the roof, but I'm a push over for little houses!
Gini who still thinks you deserve a medal for making 25 in one go!!!!! It's a shame there wasn't a little medal in one of the matchboxes for you...